Teaching Experience - Ulrich Langer

Tutorials, Practical Courses and Seminars:

Since winter 1980/81 I have held different Tutorials, Practical Courses and Seminars for Mathematic students and students studying Mathematics to become High School Teachers. My field is Numerical Mathematics mainly. Since winter 1993/94 I have taught the listed seminars for students studying 'Technical Mathematics" at the University Linz.

In 1995 I worked as instructional staff at the "ECMI - Modeling Week" in Glasgow.


Since winter 1981 I have held the following lectures for Mathematic students, students becoming Mathematic-Physics Highschool Teachers and engineer students.

Supervision of students heading for the diploma thesis and doctoral thesis:

From 1980 on I supervised 24 diploma thesis for "Diplommathematiker" and "Diplomingenieure" as well as for "Diplomlehrer" in Mathematics and Physics. For the following students I was the supervisor, they completed their studies with the title (Dr. rer. nat.).


Since 1983 I have taught different courses for engineers and technicians at the TU Chemnitz and for people from industry. Main topics were Numerical Mathematics, the finite-element-method and the multigrid method.

Research Seminars:

From 1981 till 1993 I held a research seminar with the topic "Theorie and Anwendung der Methode der finiten Elemente" at the TU Chemnitz. Since 1993 I have held a research seminar called "Numerische Mathematik and Optimierung" at the University Linz.

Lecture notes and Seminar reports:

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