The teaching of the institute comprises lectures on numerical analysis and optimization both for the bachelor and master program in mathematics and for engineering studies. Additionally, we are active in teaching on mathematical foundations. We participate in the European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry, which organizes the annual ECMI modelling week and other events you might be interested in.

We are happy to supervise Bachelor theses, Master theses and PhD theses.

Courses in Summer Semester 2023

Course title Type Id Teacher
Bachelor and Master Mathematics
Analysis 2 Konversatorium 2 KO 327.011 Ewald Lindner
Algorithmische Methoden in der Numerik 2 KV 327.002 Helmut Gfrerer
Optimierung 3 VO 327.001 Helmut Gfrerer
  1 UE 327.007 Helmut Gfrerer
Numerical methods for elliptic equations 4 VO 327.003 Stefan Takacs
  1 UE 327.004 Andreas Schafelner
Special Topics Numerical Analysis: Multigrid Methods 2 VO 327.024 Andreas Schafelner
  1 UE 327.015 Andreas Schafelner
Special Topics Optimization: Least Square Problems 2 VO 327.020 Ewald Lindner
Other Studies
Numerik und Optimierung (für Mechatronik) 4 KV 327.029 Herbert Egger
Numerical Optimization (für Artificial Intelligence) 2 VO 327.013 Matúš Benko
  1 UE 327.016 Matúš Benko
Seminar Numerical Analysis: Fractional differential equations 2 SE 327.014 Marvin Fritz; Luca Gerardo-Giorda
Seminar Numerical Analysis: Electric Machine Simulation 2 SE 327.018 Herbert Egger
Seminar Numerical Analysis: Research seminar 2 SE 327.006 Herbert Egger; Helmut Gfrerer
Master's thesis seminar II (within research seminar) 2 SE 327.017 Herbert Egger; Helmut Gfrerer;
Ulrich Langer; Stefan Takacs
Bachelor seminar with bachelor thesis 2 SE 327.019 Herbert Egger; Helmut Gfrerer;
Stefan Takacs

Lists of courses: SS 2023WS 2022/23SS 2022, WS 2021/22, SS 2021, WS 2020/21, SS 2020, WS 2019/20, SS 2019, WS 2018/19

More information can be found in KUSSS and in Moodle courses that are available to the registered students.

Some of our lecture notes are publicly available, see our list of lecture notes.



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