Master theses

We are always happy to supervise master theses. The following list contains a few possible topics that would be appropriate for students who are studying mathematics. If you are interested in one of these topics or if you want to discuss alternatives, please contact us!

Prospective supervisor Subject
Stefan Takacs A domain decomposition approach for solving the biharmonic equation in Isogeometric Analysis
Herbert Egger Efficient approximation of nonlinear time-periodic parabolic problems
Herbert Egger Energy-consistent modeling of geometrically nonlinear elastodynamics

If you are a student in an engineering program or a program in natural sciences (like mechatronics or physics) and you are interested in writing a master thesis that touches the areas of numerical mathematics or optimization, please do not hesitate and ask us. We might be able to arrange some collaborative supervision.

Ongoing theses

Name Subject Supervisor
Gabriele Dürnberger Numerical Methods for obstacle and contact problems Stefan Takacs
Niels Keil (TU Darmstadt) Finite element approximation of hydrostatic flows Herbert Egger,
Bogdan Radu

The JKU provides a LaTeX template for theses.

Finished master and diploma theses (selection)

Date Name Title Super­visor
2023-10 Maria Heigl Isogeometric Analysis for non-linear elasticity models Stefan Takacs; Astrid Pechstein
2023-06 Theresa Köfler Symbolic local Fourier Analysis to determine the inf-sup stability of the Stokes equations Veronika Pillwein; Stefan Takacs
2023-05 Felix Engertsberger The Scalar Potential Approach in Nonlinear Magnetostatics Herbert Egger; Bogdan Radu
2022-09 Michael Winkler (Fast) proximal gradient methods Helmut Gfrerer
2021-07 Stefan Tyoler An isogeometric approach for the p-Laplace problem Stefan Takacs;
Ioannis Toulopoulos
2020-09 Mario Gobrial Variational Inequalities and Their Finite Element Discretization Ulrich Langer;
Ioannis Toulopoulos
2019-03 Michael Mandlmayr Disjunctive Programming in Applications Helmut Gfrerer
2018-09 Martin Schwals­berger A Space-Time Parallel Multigrid Method for the Transient Eddy-Current Equation Martin Neumüller
2017-12 Ludwig Mitter On Linear Plate Models Walter Zulehner
2017-12 Andreas Schafelner Space-Time Finite Element Methods for Parabolic Initial-Boundary Problems Ulrich Langer;
Martin Neumüller
2017-12 Rainer Schnecken­leitner Isogeometrical Analysis based Shape Optimization Ulrich Langer;
Peter Gangl
2017-03 Bernhard Endtmayer Adaptive Mesh Refinement for Multiple Goal Functionals Ulrich Langer;
Thomas Wick
2016-11 Daniel Jodlbauer Robust Preconditioners for Fluid-Structure-Interaction Problems Ulrich Langer;
Thomas Wick
2014-09 Katharina Rafetseder An Application of Isogeometric Shape Optimization in Magnetostatics Walter Zulehner
2013-04 Klemens Reindl Ein Gebietszerlegungsverfahren für geometrisch nichtlineare Elastizität Clemens Pechstein
2012-10 Federica Brunero Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Isogeometric Analysis Luca Pavarino;
Ulrich Langer;
Clemens Pechstein
2012-02 Peter Gangl Topology Optimization in Electrical Engineering Ulrich Langer
2012-01 Markus Eslitzbichler A Sobolev Smoother for Atmospheric Tomography in Multi Conjugate Adaptive Optics Ronny Ramlau;
Clemens Pechstein
2011-10 Wolfgang Krendl Effiziente Löser für optimales Kontrollproblem für die instationären Stokes Gleichungen im zeitharmonischen Fall Walter Zulehner
2011-08 Stephen Moore A Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Solving Total Variation Minimization Problems Ulrich Langer;
Johannes Kraus;
Massimo Fornasier
2011-06 Petra Neudorfer Modellierung, numerische Simulation und Sensitivitätsanalyse eines hydraulischen Schaltkreislaufes Walter Zulehner
2010-07 Lakie Yedeg Generalized Penalty Methods for Elliptic Neumann Boundary Control Problems with State and Control Constraints Helmut Gfrerer
2010-06 Stefan Kleiss Enhancing Isogeometric Analysis by a Finite Element-Based Local Refinement Strategy Walter Zulehner;
Bert Jüttler
2010-05 Monika Kowalska Shape Optimization based on Black Box Simulations Walter Zulehner
2010-05 Stefan Mühlböck Homotopy Methods for Nonlinear Magnetostatics Walter Zulehner
2010-02 Markus Kollmann Sensitivity Analysis: The Direct and Adjoint Method Walter Zulehner
2010-01 Elisabeth Frank Free-form Optimization of Electric Machines based on Shape Derivatives Walter Zulehner;
Clemens Pechstein
2009-11 Eric Okyere Optimized Schwarz Methods for Elliptic Optimal Control Problems Walter Zulehner
2009-10 Michael Kolmbauer Multiharmonic Approach to Nonlinear Parabolic Problems with Harmonic Excitation Ulrich Langer
2009-09 Saheed Ojo Akindeinde Reaction-Diffusion in Cell Membranes Sven Beuchler
2009-07 Yao Zhou Fourier Analysis and Local Fourier Analysis for Multigrid Methods Ulrich Langer
2008-09 Clemens Hofreither Boundary Element Solvers for Linear Water Wave Simulation in a Model Basin Ulrich Langer
2008-08 Stefan Takacs Strategies to optimize a test-program based on the Load Matrix method Helmut Gfrerer
2008-08 Kizito Muzhinji Multigrid Method for Elliptic Control Problems Helmut Gfrerer
2008-08 Lilya Ghazaryan Hermitian and skew-Hermitian Solvers and Preconditioners: Application to Symmetric and Indefinite Problems Ulrich Langer
2008-03 Philipp Laaber Numerical Simulation of a Three-dimensional Bingham Fluid Flow Walter Zulehner
2007-12 Larissa Vorhauer Numerical Simulation of Electro-hydro-dynamical Problems Joachim Schöberl
2007-10 Birgit Rauchen­schwandtner Nested Iteration Strategies for 2D elastic-plastic problems Ulrich Langer
2007-07 Serbiniyaz Anyeva Interior point method for the numerical simulation of the obstacle problem Helmut Gfrerer
2007-07 Henry Kasumba Uzawa-Type Methods For The Obstacle Problem Walter Zulehner
2007-01 Marion Lackner Numerische Lösung von Algebro-Differentialgleichungen mit Anwendung in der Simulation von Kühlsystemen Walter Zulehner
2006-02 Peter Gruber Solution of Elastoplastic Problems based on Moreau-Yosida Theorem Ulrich Langer
2006 Gregor Breuer Numerical Methods for Operating Point Determination of Simulated AC-Circuits in Motor Vehicles Ulrich Langer
2006-01 Astrid Sinwel Numerical Simulation of Contact Problems with Coulomb Friction Walter Zulehner
2005 Simon Weißen­berger Effiziente numerische Simulation der inkompressiblen Euler-Gleichungen mit Anwendungen im Turbinenbau Walter Zulehner
2005-11 Maria Rechberger Numerical Methods for the Simulation of Acoustic Resonances Joachim Schöberl
2004-02 Clemens Pechstein Multigrid-Newton-Methods For Nonlinear Magnetostatic Problems Ulrich Langer
2003-10 Florian Bachinger Multigrid Solvers for 3D Multiharmonic Nonlinear Magnetic Field Computations Ulrich Langer
2003 Elisabeth Rumets­hofer Taylor-Hood Elemente höherer Ordnung für das Stokes-Problem Walter Zulehner
2003 Michael Fischer Fast Strategies for Optimal Sizing Gundolf Haase
2003-01 David Pusch Efficient Algebraic Multigrid Preconditioners for Boundary Element Matrices Ulrich Langer
2002-09 Sabine Zaglmayr Eigenvalue Problems in SAW-Filter Simulations Ulrich Langer
2002 Christian Rathberger Schnelle Formoptimierung im Produktdesign Gundolf Haase
2002 Almedin Becirovic Berechnung von Gebiets­ableitungen für das Stokes-Problem Walter Zulehner
2002 Norbert Lorenz Strukturoptimierung von luftführenden Bauteilen im Ansaugtrakt des Motors Walter Zulehner
2002 Johannes Himmel­bauer Numerische Lösung der Navier-Stokes-Gleichungen bei zeitabhängiger Geometrie Walter Zulehner
2008 Martin Schoss­leitner Numerical Simulation of Biological Fluid/Solid Interations Walter Zulehner
2001 Nora Brehm Fallbeispiele zum Einsatz numerischer Methoden im Physikunterricht Walter Zulehner
2001 Johanna Kienes­berger Multigrid Preconditioned Minimization Algorithms for Elastoplastic Type Problems Ulrich Langer
2001 Günter Auzinger,
Roswitha Kroiß
Comparison of two Stabilization Techniques for the Navier-Stokes Equations Walter Zulehner
2000 Christine Sindelar,
Roman Stainko
Optimizing the Construction of a Clamping Device Helmut Gfrerer
2000 Thomas Stiglmayr Primal-Dual-Path Following Algorithm for Semidefinite Programming Helmut Gfrerer
2000 Robert Hinterkörner Modeling and Simulation of the Lubrication Film in Continuous Casting of Steel Walter Zulehner
1999-12 Benjamin Hackl Adaptive Multilevel Finite Element Analysis of Elastic Body-Body Contact Problems Ulrich Langer
1999 Klemens Hauser Hierarchical Methods for Simulation and Optimal Design in Magnetic Field Problems Ulrich Langer
1999-06 Christoph Reisinger,
Markus Wabro
Analysis and Numerical Solution of the k-epsilon Turbulence Model with Non-Standard Boundary Conditions Walter Zulehner
1998 Christian Haberl Industrieprojekt: Optimaler Stichplan für eine Warmbreitbandstraße Helmut Gfrerer
1998 Gerald Panhuber Mathematische Modellbildung in Theorie und Praxis am Beispiel der numerischen Simulation eines Solarspeichers Walter Zulehner
1998-05 Stefan Reitzinger Robust Algebraic Multigrid Methods in Magnetic Shielding Problems Ulrich Langer
1997 Axel Werkhausen Ein Lösungsverfahren für hierarchische Modelle in der Produktionsplanung Helmut Gfrerer
1997 Robert Scheichl Parallel Solution of the Transient Multigroup Neutron Diffusion Equations with Multi-Grid and Preconditioned Krylov-Subspace Methods Ulrich Langer
1997-08 Wolfram Mühlhuber Analysis and Simulation of Signorini's Problem in Linear Elasticity Ulrich Langer
1997 Robert Maringer Temperaturfeldsimulation und optimale Parameterauslegung für TWD-Gebäudefassaden Ulrich Langer
1997 Gerald Panhuber Numerische Simulation eines Vorrangspeichers Walter Zulehner
1997 Daniela Stöckl Die Lösung der Navier-Stokes-Gleichungen mittels einer Oseen-GMRES-Interation Walter Zulehner
1997 Manuela Wallner A Mixed Finite Element Method for the Poisson Equation Walter Zulehner
1997 Gerald Fehringer Temperaturfeldsimulation in TWD-Gebäudefassaden Ulrich Langer
1997 Bernhard Haselberger Die numerische Berechnung von Koaleszenz- und Zerteilungsraten bei Extraktionsprozessen Walter Zulehner
1997 Wolfgang Burgstaller Ein "Bundle-Algorithmus" für konvexe nichtdifferenzierbare Optimierungsprobleme mit Nebenbedingungen Helmut Gfrerer
1996 Jutta Santner Numerische Lösung mehrdimensionaler Konvektionsgleichungen bei inkompressibler Strömung Walter Zulehner
1996 Xiaofan Jin Solving Systems of Polynomial Equations by Homotopy Method and Polyhedral Method Walter Zulehner
1996 Peter Grafen­berger Eine Klasse von Lax-Wendroff-Verfahren zur Lösung von hyperbolischen Erhaltungsgleichungen Walter Zulehner
1996 Franz Gruber Die Lösung von Konvektions-Diffusionsgleichungen mittels der Kombination des GMRES-Verfahrens mit Multigrid-Methoden Walter Zulehner
1996 Ferdinand Kickinger Tools for the Numerical Simulation of 3D Magnetic Field Problems: Construction, Analysis and C++ Implementation Ulrich Langer
1996 Helmut Pramhas Innere-Punkt-Methoden in der linearen Optimierung Helmut Gfrerer
1996 Brigitte Mallinger Numerische Lösung der Euler-Gleichungen mit einer Druckkorrekturmethode Walter Zulehner
1996 Joachim Schöberl Analysis and Realization at Mixed Finite-Element-Models in Computational Mechanics Ulrich Langer




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