PhD theses

A PhD thesis is usually written in the framework of a research project – we are looking forward to applications for job offers that will be published on this website. Even if there is no position announced, please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in writing a PhD thesis.

Our PhD students graduate either with the degree " techn." / "Dr. techn." (doctoral program in engineering) or with the degree " rer. nat." / "Dr. rer. nat." (doctoral program in natural sciences). More information can be found on the main website of the JKU.

Ongoing PhD theses

Name Subject Project Supervisor
Alessio Cesarano Multiphysical shape optimization of electric machines FWF Project P32911 Peter Gangl
Felix Engertsberger     Herbert Egger
Nepomuk Krenn Topology Optimization under Electro-Thermal Coupling SFB F90: Electric Machine Simulation Peter Gangl
Stefan Tyoler Adaptivity with Isogeometric Elements FWF Project P 33956 Clemens Hofreither; Stefan Takacs
Michael Winkler Topology Optimization under Electro-Thermal Coupling SFB F90: Electric Machine Simulation Peter Gangl


The JKU provides a LaTeX template for theses.

Fin­ished PhD theses

Date Name Title Su­per­vi­sor
2024-04 Oliver Habrich Quantitative variational phasefield models for additive manufacturing (Submitted at TU Darmstadt) Herbert Egger
2024-02 Vsevolod Shashkov On structure preserving simulations in non-linear electromagnetics, electric circuits, and efficient treatment of systems with memory (Submitted at TU Darmstadt) Herbert Egger
2023-08 Nora Philippi Asymptotic Analysis and Numerical Approximation of some Partial Differential Equations on Networks (Submitted at TU Darmstadt) Herbert Egger
2022-10 Michael Mandlmayr Semismooth* Newton methods for quasi-variational inequalities and contact problems with friction Helmut Gfrerer
2022-03 An­dreas Schafel­ner Space-time Fi­nite Ele­ment Meth­ods Ul­rich Langer
2021-12 Rain­er Sch­neck­en­leit­ner Ana­lys­is and Ap­plic­a­tions of IETI-DP solv­ers Stefan Takacs;
Ul­rich Langer
2021-08 Daniel Jodlbauer Par­al­lel Mul­ti­grid Solv­ers for Non­lin­ear Coupled Field Prob­lems Ul­rich Langer;
Thomas Wick
2021-01 Bernhard En­dtmay­er Multi-goal ori­ented a pos­teri­ori er­ror es­tim­ates for non­lin­ear par­tial dif­fer­en­tial equa­tions Thomas Wick;
Ul­rich Langer
2019-07 Svetoslav Na­kov The Pois­son-Boltzmann Equa­tion: Ana­lys­is, A Pos­teri­ori Er­ror Es­tim­ates and Ap­plic­a­tions
(Updated version)
Jo­hannes Kraus
2018-11 Jarle Sogn Schur Com­ple­ment Pre­con­di­tion­ers for Mul­tiple Saddle Point Prob­lems and Ap­plic­a­tions Walter Zulehner;
Stefan Takacs
2018-05 Kath­ar­ina Rafetseder A New Ap­proach to Mixed Meth­ods for Kirch­hoff-Love Plates and Shells Wal­ter Zulehner
2018-04 Chris­toph Hofer Fast Mul­tip­atch Iso­geo­met­ric Ana­lys­is Solv­ers Ul­rich Langer
2018-02 Nadir Bayramov Stable Dis­cret­iz­a­tion and Ro­bust Mul­ti­level Meth­ods for Con­vec­tion-Dif­fu­sion Prob­lems Jo­hannes Kraus
2017-04 Steph­en E. Moore Non­stand­ard Dis­cret­iz­a­tion Strategies In Iso­geo­met­ric Ana­lys­is for Par­tial Dif­fer­en­tial Equa­tions Ul­rich Langer
2017-02 Matus Ben­ko Nu­mer­ic­al meth­ods for dis­junct­ive pro­gram­ming Helmut Gfrer­er
2016-12 Peter Gangl Sensitivity-Based Topology and Shape Optimization with Application to Electrical Machines Ul­rich Langer
2015-06 Wolfgang Krendl Nonstandard Sobolev Spaces for Preconditioning Mixed Methods and Optimal Control Problems Wal­ter Zulehner
2014-02 Monika Wolfmayr Multiharmonic Finite Element Analysis of Parabolic Time-Periodic Simulation and Optimal Control Problems Ul­rich Langer
2014-02 Stefan Kleiss Efficient solution strategies in isogeometric analysis Saty­endra To­mar
2013-06 Krishan Ga­halaut Fast iterative solvers in isogeometric analysis Saty­endra To­mar
2013-03 Markus Koll­mann Efficient Iterative Solvers for Saddle Point Systems arising in PDE-constrained Optimization Problems with Inequality Constraints Wal­ter Zulehner
2012-12 Clem­ens Ho­freither A Non-standard Finite Element Method using Boundary Integral Operators Ul­rich Langer;
Clem­ens Pech­stein
2012-11 Ul­rike Schwarz­mair Iso­geo­met­ric flu­id ana­lys­is with ap­plic­a­tions in tur­bine design Wal­ter Zulehner
2012-08 Mi­chael Kolmbauer The Multiharmonic Finite Element and Boundary Element Method for Simulation and Control of Eddy Current Problems Ul­rich Langer
2012-08 Stefan Takacs All-at-once Mul­ti­grid Meth­ods for Op­tim­al­ity Sys­tems Arising from Op­tim­al Con­trol Prob­lems Wal­ter Zulehner
2011-11 Er­win Karer Subspace Correction Methods for Linear Elasticity Jo­hannes Kraus
2011-01 Peter Gruber Fast Solvers and Adaptive High-Order FEM in Elastoplasticity Ul­rich Langer
2010-01 Huid­ong Yang Numerical Simulation of Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems on Hybrid Meshes with Algebraic Multigrid Methods (Animation) Wal­ter Zulehner;
Ul­rich Langer
2009-01 Astrid Sin­wel A New Family of Mixed Finite Elements for Elasticity Joachim Schöberl
2008-12 Clem­ens Pech­stein Finite and Boundary Element Tearing and Interconnecting Methods for Multiscale Elliptic Partial Differential Equations Ul­rich Langer
2008-06 René Si­mon Multigrid Solvers for Saddle Point Problems in PDE-Constrained Optimization Wal­ter Zulehner
2007-07 Sonja Re­it­ner Optimale Steuerung von Rüst- und Produktionsprozessen Helmut Gfrer­er
2007 Jo­hanna Kienes­ber­ger Ef­fi­cient Solu­tion Al­gorithms for Elastoplastic Prob­lems Ul­rich Langer
2006-07 Sabine Zaglmayr High Order Finite Elements for Electromagnetic Field Computation Joachim Schöberl
2006-02 Ro­man Stainko Advanced Multilevel Techniques to Topology Optimization Ul­rich Langer
2003-08 Markus Wabro Algebraic Multigrid Methods for the Numerical Solution of the Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations Wal­ter Zulehner;
Ul­rich Langer
2002-04 Wolfram Mühl­huber Efficient Solvers for Optimal Design Problems with PDE-constraints Ul­rich Langer
2001-01 Stefan Re­it­zinger Algebraic Multigrid Methods for Large Scale Finite Element Equations Ul­rich Langer
1999-06 Joachim Schöberl Robust Multigrid Methods for Parameter Dependent Problems Ul­rich Langer
1998 Mi­chael Kuhn Ef­fi­cient Par­al­lel Nu­mer­ic­al Sim­u­la­tion of Mag­net­ic Field Prob­lems Ul­rich Langer
1997-10 Mi­chael Hinter­müller Al­gorithms for Solv­ing Non­lin­ear Pro­gram­ming Prob­lems with Noisy Data Helmut Gfrer­er




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