Bachelor theses

We are always happy to supervise bachelor theses. The following list contains a few possible topics that would be appropriate for students who are studying mathematics. If you are interested in one of these topics or if you want to discuss alternatives, please contact us!

Supervisor Subject Student
Herbert Egger Shooting methods for nonlinear differential equations  
Andreas Schafelner Multigrid methods in applications  
Stefan Takacs Effects of quadrature errors in Isogeometric Analysis    
NN Further topics on demand  
Stefan Takacs Numerical solution of energy-based vector-hysteresis models Franz Scharnreiter
Herbert Egger Parameter estimation in lumped-parameter thermal networks (LPTNs) Eva-Maria Haslhofer (finished)

Finished theses (selection)

Date Name Title Super­visor
2021-07 Maria Heigl Bernsteinkollokation für ein Problem der nichtlinearen Elastizität Clemens Hofreither
2020-06 Gabriele Dürnberger The Timoshenko beam Walter Zulehner
2019-06 Christoph Plakolm Parallel CG Method Ulrich Langer
2019-05 Stefan Tyoler Beam Theory Walter Zulehner
2018-09 Mario Gobrial Ein äquilibrierter Fehlerschätzer für die Poisson-Gleichung Martin Neumüller
2018-07 Florian Kagerer Finite Elements for Maxwell's Equations Martin Neumüller
2017-11 Alexander Ploier From Maxwell to Helmholtz Ulrich Langer
2017-10 Michaela Lehner Oceanic and Atmospheric Fluid Dynamics Peter Gangl
2017-02 Alexander Blumen­schein Navier-Stokes Gleichungen Ulrich Langer
2016-11 Lukas Burgholzer Structure-Acoustic Coupling Martin Neumüller
2016-04 Rainer Schnecken­leitner An Overview of Different Models described by Diffusion-Convection-Reaction Equations Peter Gangl
2016-03 Andreas Schafelner Introduction to Magneto-hydro-dynamics Peter Gangl
2015-10 Ludwig Mitter Interaktionen zwischen Fluiden und Körpern in der Kontinuums-mechanik Martin Neumüller
2014-01 Bernhard Oberndorfer Some Benchmark Problems in Electromagnetics Peter Gangl
2013-11 Daniel Temesvari Analytische Lösungen spezieller Probleme der Strömungsmechanik Ulrich Langer
2010-10 Peter Gangl Exact and Inexact Semismooth Newton Methods for Elliptic Optimal Control Problems Ulrich Langer
2008-11 Alexander Lechner,
Stefan Mühlböck
Numerical solution of nonlinear stationary magnetic field problems Ulrich Langer; Clemens Pechstein
2008-08 Markus Kollmann Shape Optimization with Shape Derivatives Walter Zulehner
2008-08 Doris Schuhmann Block Diagonal Preconditioners for Saddle Point Matrices Ulrich Langer
2008-01 Elisabeth Frank Abkühlen einer Stahlplatte Sven Beuchler
2006-12 Stefan Takacs Verwendung von adjungierten Operatoren zur Lösung von Interaktionsproblemen eines Festkörpers mit einer Flüssigkeit Walter Zulehner
2004-09 Markus Bachmayr Runge-Kutta Methods for Long-Term Integration Applied to the Slider-Crank Mechanism Walter Zulehner




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