Robust Algebraic Multigrid Methods and Their Parallelization

Funding agency Austrian Science Fund (FWF)
Project number P 14953
Principal investigator Urlich Langer
Co-Investigator Gundolf Haase
Members Florian Bachinger
Clemens Pechstein
David Pusch
Stefan Reitzinger
Markus Wabro
Duration 2001-10-01 – 2005-09-30



The aim of this project is the development and construction of Algebraic MultiGrid (AMG) methods. AMG methods try to mimic geometric multigrid methods just by knowing single grid information but retaining the optimality of the method. Since the construction of an universal AMG method for all arising situations in practice is an unrealistic dream, we will assemble efficient and robust solvers for special classes of matrices such as large scale systems arising from the (FEM, FDM, FIT, BEM) discretization of:

Navier-Stokes-flow past a half-opened valve. (Geometry provided by AVL List GmbH)
Maxwell equations; quarter of a magnetic valve.

Moreover, parallelization of AMG is an important task because it is the main source for a further enhancement of efficiency in real life applications.


A special issue (Vol. 8 (3-4), Dec. 2005) of the journal Computing and Visualization in Science was dedicated to Fast Boundary Element Methods in Industrial Applications.





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