Participation in research consortia

The following list contains all research consortia and projects that exceed the volume of a stand-alone project.

Title (Co-)investigator Duration [years]
Special Research Program Computational Electric Machine Laboratory (FWF grant F 90)    
Subproject C01: System Level Co-Simulation for Drive Cycle Analysis Herbert Egger 2022–2026
Subproject C02: Energy-based Modelling and Numerical Approximation Herbert Egger 2022–2026
Subproject A02: Isogeometric and Reduced Order Models for Efficient Drive Cycle Simulation Peter Gangl 2022–2026
Subproject D02: Topology Optimisation of Electric Machines under Electro-thermal Coupling Peter Gangl 2022–2026
COMET K2 Compentence Center: LCM - Center for Symbiotic Mechatronics (FFG grant)    
Participant from NuMa: Ulrich Langer 2018–2021
National Research Network Geometry and simulations (FWF grant S 117)    
Subproject 2: Multigrid Methods for Isogeometric Analysis Walter Zulehner 2012–2021
Subproject 3: Discontinuous Galerkin Domain Decomposition Methods in IGA Ulrich Langer 2012–2021
Doctoral Program Computational Mathematics (FWF grant W 1214)    
Subproject DK 4: Nonstandard Finite Element Solvers for Second-Order Elliptic Boundary Value Problems Ulrich Langer 2008–2022
Subproject DK 12: Efficient Solvers for KKT Systems Walter Zulehner 2008–2014
Special Reserach Program Numeric and Symbolic Scientific Computing (FWF grant F 13)    
Subproject 06: Coupled Field Problems: Advanced Numerical Methods and Applications to Nonlinear Magnetomechanical Systems Ulrich Langer 1998–2001
Subproject 06: Adaptive Multilevel Methods for Nonlinear 3D Mechanical Problems Ulrich Langer 2001–2008
Subproject 09: Multilevel Solvers for Large Scale Discretized Optimization Problems Ulrich Langer 1998–2008
Start Prize hp-Finite Elements: Fast Solvers and Adaptivity (FWF grant Y 192) Joachim Schöberl 2002–2005

Research projects

The following list contains projects funded by public funding agencies, like the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), the Linz Institute for Technology (LIT) or the Forschungs­förderungs­gesellschaft (FFG), except the subprojects in research consortia.

Title Grant Principal investgator Duration [years]
Fast Methods for Adaptive Isogeometric Analysis FWF grant P 33956 Clemens Hofreither;
Stefan Takacs
Multiphysical Shape Optimization of Electrical Machines FWF grant P 32911 Peter Gangl 2020–2024
Variational quantitative phase-field modeling and simulation of powder bed fusion additive manufacturing DFG grant 441153493 Herbert Egger 2020–2023
Numerical Simulation of Incompressible Non-Newtonian Flows Modeled by Power-Law Navier-Stokes Systems LIT-JKU-2017-04-SEE-004 Ioannis Toulopoulos 2019–2021
Fast Solvers for Isogeometric Analysis FWF grant P 31048 Stefan Takacs 2018–2023
ADIGAMG – Fast Multigrid Solvers for Advanced Discretization Techniques in Isogeometric Analysis LIT-2016-2-YOU-006 Clemens Hofreither 2018–2019
Goal-Oriented Error Control for Phase-Field Fracture Coupled to Multiphysics Problems FWF grant P 29181 Thomas Wick;
Ulrich Langer
Regularity and Stability for Generalized Equations FWF grant P 29190 Helmut Gfrerer 2016–2021
Numerical methods for disjunctive programming FWF grant P 26132 Helmut Gfrerer 2013–2016
Robust solvers for PDE-constrained optimization problems FWF grant J 3362 Stefan Takacs 2012–2015
Strategische Forschung Area 4 FFG grant C240101 Ulrich Langer;
Walter Zulehner
Fast hp-solvers for mixed and elliptic problems FWF grant P 20121 Sven Beuchler 2007–2010
Data-sparse Boundary and Finite Element Domain Decomposition Methods in Electro­magnetics FWF grant P 19255 Ulrich Langer 2007–2010
Adaptive FEM-BEM Coupling for Elastoplastic Analysis FWF grant M 950 Wael Elleithy 2006–2008
Robust Algebraic Multigrid Methods and Their Parallelization FWF grant P 14953 Ulrich Langer 2001–2005
AUTOGEN – Automatischer Multi-Element Netzgenerator und Strömungssimulator FFF/FFG grant Ulrich Langer;
Walter Zulehner
Design, Analysis and Implementation of Parallel Algorithms in the 3D Magnetic Field Computation FWF grant P 11215 Ulrich Langer 1996–1999
Gebietszerlegungsmethoden in der Strukturmechanik FWF grant P 10643 Ulrich Langer 1995–1998




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