Courses in Summer Semester 2019

Course title Type Id Teacher
Bachelor and Master Mathematics
Analysis 2 Konversatorium KO 327.011 Ewald Lindner
Algorithmische Methoden in der Numerik KV 327.002 Helmut Gfrerer
Optimierung VL 327.001 Helmut Gfrerer
  UE 327.007 Helmut Gfrerer
Numerical methods for elliptic equations Material is available for SS 2020. VL 327.003 Ulrich Langer
  UE 327.004 Rainer Schnecken­leitner
Numerical methods in continuum mechanics 1 VL 327.005 Walter Zulehner
  UE 327.006 Rainer Schnecken­leitner
Special topics optimization: Least squares problems VL 327.020 Ewald Lindner
Special topics numerical analysis: Numerical Solution of Coupled Problems in Linear Poroelasticity VL 327.010 Johannes Kraus
Special topics numerical analysis: Fast Solvers VL 327.009 Clemens Hofreither
Special topics numerical analysis: Time-dependent Problems VL 327.024 Walter Zulehner
Seminar for graduate and doctoral students (within research seminar) SE 327.306 Helmut Gfrerer; Ulrich Langer;
Walter Zulehner

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