Research Seminar

Master's thesis seminar II (327.017) for students who are writing a master's thesis, Seminar Numerical Analysis: Research seminar (327.006) for all other students.

Date Time Room Speaker Title
Tue, 07 Mar 13:45 S2 416-1   Preliminary discussion
Tue, 14 Mar 13:45 S2 416-1 Alex Ferrer Structural optimization: past and recent advances
Tue, 28 Mar – Thu, 30 Mar RICAM 20
Tue, 18 Apr 13:45 S2 416-1 Astrid Pechstein Joint finite element models for structures and continua at large deformations
Tue, 25 Apr       Canceled!
Tue, 02 May 13:45 S2 416-1 Stefan Tyoler Dissertation colloquium: Efficient computation of a spline basis for adaptive multipatch discretizations
      Andreas Schafelner Multigrid in Time for Time-Periodic Parabolic Evolution Problems
Tue, 09 May 13:45 S2 416-1 Argyrios Petras Computational assessment of High Power Short Duration (HPSD) protocols in cardiac radiofrequency ablation
Wed, 17 May 15:00 S2 416-2 Felix Engertsberger Master's Exam:  The Scalar Potential Approach in Nonlinear Magnetostatics
Tue, 23 May 13:45 S2 416-1 Massimiliano Leoni Modelling and numerical simulation of Veno-Venous Extra-Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation (VV-ECMO)
Tue, 06 Jun 13:45 S2 416-1 Franz Scharnreitner On energy based vector-hysteresis models
      Eva-Maria Haslhofer Parameter estimation in lumped-parameter thermal networks (LPTNs)
Tue, 13 Jun 13:45 S2 416-1 Monika Wolfmayr
Tue, 20 Jun 13:45 S2 416-1 Bogdan Radu A mixed finite element method for 2D nonlinear magnetostatics
Tue, 27 Jun 13:45 S2 416-1 Michael Winkler On finding multiple stationary points of nonconvex, box-constrained optimization problems
      Maria Heigl Isogeometric Analysis for a non-linear elasticity problem
Mon, 10 Jul 16:30 S2 416-1 Jarle Sogn Preconditioning and fast diagonalization of a parabolic PDE-constrained optimization problem using IgA
Tue, 25 Jul 15:30 S2 416-1 Nora Philippi Asymptotic analysis and numerical approximation of some partial differential equations on networks
Thu, 14 Sep 16:00 S2 416-1 Johanna Beier Derivation and simulation of thermoelastic Kirchhoff plates




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