Research Seminar

Master's thesis seminar I (327.005) for students who are writing a master's thesis, Seminar Numerical Anlysis: Resarch Seminar (327.006) for all other students.

Date Time Room Speaker Title
Tue, 03 Oct 15:30 S2 416-1   Preliminary discussion
Mon, 16 Oct 15:30 S2 416-1 Maria Heigl Isogeometric Analysis for a non-linear elasticity problem
Tue, 31 Oct 15:30 S2 416-1 Martin Halla (Göttingen) Eigenvalue problems and compatible approximations
Tue, 07 Nov 15:30 S2 416-1 Richard Löscher (TUGraz) Adaptive finite element methods for distributed optimal control problems with state constraints
Tue, 21 Nov 15:30 S2 416-1 Matus Benko (RICAM) Sensitivity analysis of the solution mapping for a large class of optimization problems
Tue, 28 Nov 15:30 S2 346 Theodore Cherriere Methods seminar: Newton methods
Tue, 05 Dec 15:30 S2 416-1 Michael Winkler Methods seminar: Continuation methods: theory
Tue, 12 Dec 15:30 S2 416-1   Cancelled
Tue, 09 Jan 15:30 S2 416-1 Felix Engertsberger Methods seminar: Semismooth Newton Method - Theory and Application
Tue, 16 Jan 15:30 S2 416-1 Gabriele Dürnberger Methods seminar: Monotone multigrid for obstacle problems
Tue, 23 Jan 15:30 S2 416-1 Stefan Tyoler Methods seminar: Monotonicity
Tue, 30 Jan 15:30 S2 416-1 Alessio Cesarano Methods seminar: Continuationo methods: implementation
Tue, 13 Feb 15:30 S2 416-1 Jiri V. Outrata (Czech Academy of Sciences) On the implicit programming approach to MPECs via the SC generalized derivatives






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