Research Seminar

Master's thesis seminar I (327.005) for students who are writing a master's thesis, Seminar for graduate and doctoral students (327.006) for all other students.

Date Time Room Speaker Title
2022-10-11 15:30 MT 327   Preliminary discussion
2022-10-18 15:30 S3 048 Nora Philippi An asymptotic preserving hybrid-dG method for convection-diffusion equations on pipe networks
2022-10-25 15:30 S3 048 Bogdan Radu A finite element time domain method for Maxwell's equations
2022-11-08 15:30 S3 048 Marvin Fritz Well-posedness of mixed-dimensional and nonlocal phase-field models of Cahn-Hilliard type applied to tumor growth
2022-11-15 15:30 S3 048 Kathrin Hellmuth (Würzburg) Kinetic inverse problems: kernel reconstruction from macroscopic data - an application to chemotaxis
2022-11-22 15:30 S3 048 Oliver Habrich On uniqueness and stable estimation of multiple parameters in the Cahn-Hilliard equation
2022-11-28 15:30 S2 219 Jarle Sogn (Oslo) ​Preconditioner for a 3D-1D inverse problem using IgA
2022-12-06 15:30 S3 048 Josef Mergl Analysis and numerical approximation of a model for heat transfer via interfaces and radiation
2022-12-13 15:30 S3 048 Ludwig Mitter Remarks on the Convergence of Successive Subspace Correction (SSC) Methods
2023-01-10 15:30 S3 048 Nepomuk Krenn Topology optimization of a rotating electric machine by the topological derivative
2023-01-17 15:30 S3 048 Théodore Cherrière
(École normale supérieure Paris-Saclay)
Topology optimization of an electrical machine from scratch: multi-material and multi-physics considerations
2023-01-24 15:30 S2 046 Maria Heigl Isogeometric Analysis for non-linear elasticity problems
16:15   Felix Engertsberger The Scalar Potential Approach In Nonlinear Magnetostatics
2023-01-31 15:30 S3 048 Andreas Schafelner Goal-Oriented Adaptive Space-Time Finite Element Methods for Regularized Parabolic $p$-Laplace Problems





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